We often get asked about our camera equipment, and why we chose it.


We use the Sony FS7 Mark 2 as our A camera, and usually the Sony FS5 as our B camera. The image quality from both is outstanding, they are a good colour match, especially when shooting S-LOG. Both cameras are extremely versatile, both can capture in 4K and with super slow motion. The choice of lenses is huge… we use the Metabones speed booster too, which gives the ability to mount any Canon lens, of which we have quite a few! Whilst the FS7 is quite a beast, it’s still useable as a hand-held or shoulder mounted camera, but the FS5 is smaller, lighter, very portable and great for quick ENG-type setups.

For interviews, we’ll generally run both cameras, quite close together, one as a medium shot, sometimes on a slider, and one close up. I’ll usually capture production audio on the FS7, with either a Sennheiser G3 or a Rode NTG-2 – or both, and scratch audio on the FS5.

We do the edit using either Final Cut, Premiere or Resolve, depending on the job. I find Final Cut to be the most efficient workflow, Premiere to have the most features (and it integrates well with After Effects), and Resolve is good for complicated colour grading.

We also use GoPros and a DJI Osmo Pocket for some subjects, like the inside of an industrial machine… I would be a bit nervous about putting the Sony cameras in some places!