About Us

Videomachine Limited is a video production and photography company based in Southampton.

Owned and run by Philip Lyons, a creative, technical photographer and videographer, who has spent his entire working life behind a camera.

We have over 30 years experience creating cutting edge, innovative and creative solutions for a broad range of clients. We use video, photography and thoughtful design to both meet, and exceed our clients’ expectations.

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In addition, using a combination of in-house skills together with a team of talented, independent professionals, we can cover a vast array of disciplines. We have limited overheads by structuring the business in this way, and so we can provide this range of services at the best prices to you.

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So why use Videomachine?

We provide tailor-made video content at a fraction of the cost of larger production companies. We bring a small, well equipped crew of people to your project, who will create your video with maximum efficiency and minimum disruption. We believe in collaborating with you to create effective, engaging films that generate the optimum return on investment.

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