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Back to Work

Many business owners have concerns about reopening premises in the near future.

How can you reassure customers and employees that they will be safe?

Words alone are not enough.

We can create a bespoke video that will explain your strategy as a responsible employer and business partner.

This video will include key personnel interviews and shots of the safety measures being taken, demonstrating your readiness for the new business landscape.

A single visit your site by a health checked individual with full PPE is all that is required.

Within a few days you will have your impactful, tailor-made video to share with employees, customers, and suppliers.

Call us today for a quote and to discuss your needs – 02380 002238

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Reassure your customers

Many business owners have concerns about reopening premises in the near future.

How can you reassure customers and employees that they will be safe?

Words alone are not enough

We can create a bespoke video that will explain your strategy as a responsible employer and business partner.

This video will include key personnel interviews and shots of the safety measures being taken, demonstrating your readiness for the new business landscape.

A single visit your site by a health checked individual with full PPE is all that is required.

Within a few days you will have your impactful, tailor-made video to share with employees, customers, and suppliers.

Call us today for a quote and to discuss your needs – 02380 002238

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Video on your mobile phone

8 Top Tips for Shooting Video on your Mobile Phone

1. Always film in landscape

Most video is best filmed in landscape format. Your tv and computer screen are both landscape oriented. Unless the final result is only ever going to viewed on a mobile device or a social media stream, there’s no reason to film in portrait (upright) mode. The film can always be cropped from landscape to portrait, but not the other way around.

2. Use support to keep the phone still

Most smartphones have built-in optical image stabilisation, which makes shooting decent handheld footage fairly easy. But no matter how steady your hands are, nothing beats using a good old-fashioned tripod.

For doing shots like an interview or a ‘piece to camera’ (PTC), put the phone on a table at the same height as the subject’s face and support it with books or something similar. Try to fill the frame with the subject’s head and shoulders.

If you are stuck shooting handheld, here are some tips to help you stabilise your shot:

·      Keep the phone close to your body, tucking in your elbows.

·      Rest your elbows on a nearby object.

·      Use your body to absorb bounces and shakes.

3. Don’t use the digital zoom

Avoid the temptation to use the phone’s built-in camera zoom. Since the lens isn’t zooming optically, you’re just enlarging the picture digitally, which means you will quickly enter the world of unsightly pixilation. If you want to get a closer-up shot of your subject, move the phone closer until you find the perfect shot.

4. Light your video

Phone footage will look best when you shoot with lots of light. If you’re shooting indoors, adding supplemental lighting will go a long way. Try to avoid harsh overhead lighting though.

If you can’t get your hands on any studio lights, but you’re still shooting indoors, position yourself next to a window and use natural daylight.

5. Check your background

For interviews and PTCs, find a location that’s uncluttered and make sure it’s clean and tidy. If you’re filming in your home, a quiet corner or even somewhere in the garden would be ideal.

6. Use the exposure and focus lock

Your phone will automatically focus and expose your shot. This can be a great function for quick photos, but when you’re shooting a video of one person talking to the camera, it can really complicate things. The phone will tend to keep adjusting and refocusing, which can lead to jittery-looking footage.

To use the exposure focus lock, you have to tap on the screen to focus and expose accurately on your subject. This will help to keep the focus and exposure constant throughout your shot. If you want to get significantly better results from your phone’s camera, you can invest in an app like FilmicPro (around £15).

7. Avoid echoey or noisy rooms

When filming at home, a room with lots of soft furnishings will help you get much better audio. Avoid the kitchen (kitchens often have noisy appliances) and rooms with hard floors. Putting cushions or even a duvet close to the subject (and out of shot!) will help to reduce echo.

8. Get your microphone close to your subject

A general rule for clear audio is to get your microphone as close to your subject as possible.

When you’re shooting video with a phone, it’s best to position a second phone close to the subject’s head to record clean audio. Creating a simple voice memo will do the trick.  If you’re using a second phone to record the audio, clap once at the beginning of each take to create a reference point for syncing the good sound from the voice memo with the bad sound from the video recording.

To get excellent results, consider using an external microphone like the Rode VideoMic Me or Rode SC6-L kit.

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Video Marketing Stats

Here are some interesting facts and figures about using video as part of your marketing strategy.

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5 reasons why you need to use video in your marketing

Digital marketing is incomplete without video content. This medium  has a significant influence on a customer’s purchase decision. Many business owners are intimidated by video marketing because they worry about the process and money involved. A well-planned marketing campaign doesn’t have to be expensive. Here’s a look at some of the reasons why you should include this content in digital marketing:

Everyone is doing it… including your competitors.

Video marketing has become immensely popular recently, and most brands consider it a vital aspect of their marketing efforts. Around 81% of all brands use videos because the format can easily catch and retain attention. If you want to compete with other businesses in your area, you need to include video marketing in your strategy.

It improves Search Engine Rankings.

Search engines consider videos high-quality material, so pages with video content tend to rank higher. Video also helps improve rankings because it reduces bounce rates and increases session times. People are more likely to stay on your website if they see an engaging and impactful video. Good user experience is a ranking factor and will influence your position on the results pages.

It Helps Consumers Make Purchase Decisions.

Modern consumers don’t appreciate hardcore sales content. They prefer informative, service and product-related content that provides accurate details. Video helps to deliver information in an easy-to-understand format. Consumers can see how the product works in real life or how the service can help them, before making their decision.

Explainer Videos Boost Conversions.

According to research conducted by Wyzowl, 74% of consumers that watch product or service videos will make their purchase decision based on their experience. This format is visually appealing and gives consumers a more realistic view of the product, which can help boost the conversion rate by a considerable margin. Videos keep people on the website for longer periods, which also increases the conversion rate significantly.

Connecting With the Audience.

Videos, especially live videos, allow businesses to connect with their audience on a more direct level. A personal connection can help boost sales and increase brand loyalty. Live videos that show candid, behind-the-scenes content can help you develop a solid consumer base, and earn the customer’s trust.

Why Choose Us?

We are a talented group of dedicated and experienced professionals, who provide tailor-made video content at a fraction of the cost of larger production companies. We bring a small, well equipped crew of people to your project, who will create your video with maximum efficiency and minimum disruption. We believe in collaborating with you to create effective, engaging films that generate the optimum return on investment.

Call now to talk about your next project.

02380 002238 or 0203 137 6001

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Aon Testimonial

Here’s Mike Powell, Marketing Director at Aon Insurance to tell you a little about how Videomachine helped them with creating content for videobooks.

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Virgin Media Testimonial

Here’s Jerry Parkin, Director of Field Operations at Virgin Media to tell you a little about how Videomachine helped them with some training films.

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The Showreel, and why it’s important

The Videomachine Showreel

Every video production company has a showreel – or they should have. The showreel is by far the best way to engage potential clients and to demonstrate the production team’s expertise. Here at Videomachine, we have tons of experience in all areas, styles, and techniques. Take a look at our own showreel below – you’ll see off the bat that it covers a vast range of different production techniques, from animation to drama, motion capture, news, product videos and so much more. Get in touch to discuss your own video requirements. Call 02380 002238 today.

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Kit List

We can pretty much cover off all requirements with the kit we have available and we have the right kind of kit to make your production stand out. Unlike many other production companies, we don’t charge extra for equipment.


Sony PXW-FS7K Mark 2
Sony PXW-FS5 4K
Canon XA20 Compact Full HD camera (50/60p)
Canon 5D Mk3 
GoPro 7
2 x Osmo Gimbal 4K cameras
DJI Mavic Pro Drone
DJI Inspire 1 dual 4K Aerial Drone
DJI Phantom 3 Pro 4K Aerial Drone


70-200 f2.8
28-300 f4
16-35 f4
28-105 f4
100 prime f2.8
50 prime f1.8
18-110 Sony G


Ronin-M Lightweight camera gimbal
Manfrotto tripods + video heads
Manfrotto remote pan arm
6m Track & Dolly kit
30ft Jib (can be combined with the T&D for extra flexibility
18ft Jib with remote head
iFootage M1 Portable Jib
1.8m flywheel ultra smooth slider
Pan-arm remote zoom & focus


4 track H4N x 2 (8 mixable tracks on location) + mixer
Tascam D60 Field recorder
AKG condenser mikes
Rode Videomic Pro & Fluffy
2 x Rode NTG-2 boom kit with furries
Remote mike transmitter
Rode Interview mike
2 x Sennheiser G3 lavalier radio mike kits
Sony Lav mike
2 x Location mixer Xenyx 1204 USB
Mike stands
Portable vocal booth
Allen & Heath Qu-16 mixer

Extra bits:

Autocue system & iPad
Atomos Shogun 4K SSD monitor/recorder
Atomos Inferno 4K monitor/recorder
Portable Chromakey (blue/green)
Colorama rolls & stands


Lowell Creator 4-head tungsten kit
Lowell 12v iLight
4x 500w output LED panels
LED Softlight
LED BiColour folding panel light
Full 4-head Bowens flash kit + octo- & softboxes
3 x Canon portable flash

On location post:

2 x MacBook Pro editing kit for field editing: FCP + Avid MC + Premier + AE

Edit Suite:

2 x 27in iMacs: FCP + Avid MC + Premier + AE + Adobe CC2014, Trapcode & VCP, C4D
KRK Rokit6 monitors
96TB storage
Bluray Writer
Korg Kronos music production workstation

Video production in Southampton

Video production in Southampton

Videomachine Limited has recently relocated to Southampton, in the  beautiful waterside village of Netley Abbey. We are providing top class creative video production in the Southampton area. We continue to do this in the whole of the South and South East. For high quality, affordable, creative video production services in Hampshire and Southampton, give us a call on 07801 097067.

Netley Beach

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3 reasons why your website needs video content

social media concept

1. It’s the way consumers consume

Visitors to your website, and pretty much any other website have a very short attention span. They consume content, but they want it fast. They simply don’t have the time to read your message, however beautifully written it is. Video allows you to get your message across faster than any other medium.

To engage your audience, exciting and engaging content is vital, or they’ll just move on.

The largest online video network, YouTube, is the second largest search engine, with more than 1 billion unique users visiting  each month. 

2. It maximises user engagement

Static ‘brochure sites’ are a thing of the past. For greater success, businesses are using their websites to create engaging and compelling experiences around their brand. To create connections, marketing directors are seeking new ways to build relationships with their customers, thereby increasing customer loyalty. This can be done in many ways, including:

  • Product demonstrations
  • Sharing experiences
  • Testimonials
  • Telling the story

3. It’s vital for good SEO and social distribution

Google owns the two largest search engines in the world. It’s no surprise that video content will increase your search engine rankings so significantly. Google now displays video in the standard search results, and users are much more likely to click through to your content rather than a competitor, if if they are clicking on a video link. 

Video is one of the most shared content mediums. Original video will maximise your social media impact simply because you are driving people to your site and content. 

Videomachine, the leading Hampshire-based video production company, is helping clients of all types maximise their customer experience by generating professional, high quality video content for their websites. Call us now on 01256 835555 for a quote.

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New 4K and Slow Motion


Videomachine has invested in the latest 4K camera from Sony. Meet the new PXW-FS5 with 4K and up to 960fps slow motion capture. With compatibility with our existing Canon lenses, we can just about cover every shot requirement. Check back soon for some test results.

December 22, 2014 Video 0

Music Video

Videomachine recently produced, directed, filmed and edited this music video. Filmed on location in Manchester in October, it features Paul ‘Kermit’ Leveridge with the track ‘The Construct’.


Director & Producer: Philip Lyons

Co-Director: Elspeth Moore

Cameras: David Cox & Philip Lyons

Editor: Philip Lyons

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Live Demontrations

Videomachine was recently commissioned to produce a series of live and pre-recorded scenarios to demonstrate the technical capabilities of UK Broadband’s 4G LTE network, utilising Huawei hardware.

Small, specialist crew

Using a very small crew of just 4 specialists, and filmed in only 3 days, we created a full video, parts of which were used in a live demonstration, mixed with some real life scene creation involving a number of actors on the streets on London.

The result was a high impact demonstration with compelling and memorable content.

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Freelance Cameraman


Southampton-based Videomachine can provide a freelance cameraman at short notice to cover your events, news gathering, interviews and talking heads. We are fully equipped with broadcast standard cameras delivering very high quality, 50Mb/s 4:2:2 25P video.

We use the BBC and EBU compliant Canon XF305 and Sony FS5 4K cameras for acquisition, and the absolutely stunning Canon L-series lenses.

With full sound and radio mike gear, boom, shotgun, reporter and lavalier mikes, we can capture the very best quality.

So if you need video capture at very short notice, call us today on 01256 835555 or 07801 097067

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Showreel Update

Videomachine is a full service video production company specialising in corporate and promotional video. We can cover all aspects from concept to delivery, including:

• Scriptwriting and script editing
• Storyboards & concept development
• Filming
• Editing
• Motion Graphics
• Animation
• 3D
• Special Effects
• Scoring and music composition
• Voiceover production
• Media conversion
• Compression and delivery

Contact us on 01256 835555
Email: info@videomachine.co.uk

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Viral Video Production

“I want to go viral…”

We get asked about viral video production almost every day. Many clients want to make videos that ‘go viral’, however, there are no guarantees that video will be watched and more importantly, shared. Here at Videomachine, we understand that the most unusual or original ideas are those that work best. Add to that the beautiful videography we create, and a great edit, the success of your video is much more likely.

This is one of a new series of viral videos for top gadget insurer, Protect your bubble.

Call us today for a chat.

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Chroma Key

Effective Chromakeying



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Industrial Photography and Video

Stunning, beautiful industrial imagery and video

We able to provide stunning photography and video production for industrial subjects. We have over 25 years experience, from using 10 x 8 inch film cameras right up to the present day with the latest digital equipment. To capture your industrial process, we have a variety of techniques available, including multiple exposure, long exposure, time-lapse and night photography.


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10 reasons why your website should include video

video production

With bandwidth and speed restrictions rapidly becoming a thing of the past (for most of us in business), websites are now more able to cope with high bandwidth features, like video streaming and Web 2.0. Here are 10 reasons why you should consider video for your company website:

  1. Video puts your message in a nutshell
  2. Video sells your ideas better than being there
  3. Video is expected by your customers
  4. Video is accessible to your customers
  5. Video can go viral, making your customers spread the word
  6. Video leads to more sales enquiries
  7. Video is used by your competition
  8. Video is easy, if you come to Grafix Production
  9. Video costs much less than you might think
  10. Video gives your customers more confidence in you

To find out more about how Videomachine can help you create affordable, high quality video for your website, call us now on 01256 350646 or drop us a line. See our contact page for more details, and view our showreel here.