Reassure your employees, customers and suppliers

Whatever your business is, it is unlikely that the coronavirus pandemic has had no effect on it. Moving forward, most will agree that nothing will ever be quite the same.

Businesses across the globe need to address this impact in a highly focused and targeted way. They need to provide customers and employees with reassurances about how they are going to ensure their safety. Whether that’s as basic as providing hydroalcoholic gel at the threshold, or thermal screening, face masks, and perspex screen between workstations. These measures not only serve to protect the people in your business; they also restore and reinforce trust.

Safeguarding employees with measures such as office density control, delineated work areas, and strict hygiene rules is of vital importance, and making your employees, customers and suppliers aware of the measures that your company is taking is crucial.

That’s why we have devised a set of media products that you can use across all your communication and social media channels to give confidence in your company, both internally and to the outside world.

We have three video-based solutions to suit all budgets:

  1. A branded, animated information video with images of the safety measures (from £499).
  2. A live action video and voiceover showing the safely measures you have taken (from £799).
  3. A live action video with interviews of key personnel, and shots or the safety measures (from £999).

Call us today to find out how we can help you to inform your audience in this new business landscape: 02380 002238

Here’s an example of the sort of thing you can have for option 1.